May Coloring Page

This month’s coloring page is a reworked sketch inspired by my favorite city, Amsterdam!

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April Coloring Page

Crystals Coloring Page

I’ve been back in Germany for a week, after being in the United States to visit friends and family for about a month. Not sure where the inspiration comes from for this coloring page, but I do have a rock-loving 8-year old, so there are plenty of crystals around the house. We’ve also had the pleasure of visiting Idar-Oberstein, home of a precious-stone mine, (among other interesting things) where we took a tour and learned the grueling process of extracting the stones from the cave.



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Crystals by Robyn McKeown 2016



FREE March Coloring Page

I’ve been traveling in the United States with my family since the 18th of February.

Sam outside Shane Confectionery in Philadelphia, PA



I’m having a great time visiting with family and friends, but I don’t have access to a computer.  So, this month I’m posting my page from my phone.  This month’s coloring page was inspired by a photo of houses in Skaneateles, NY that my parents have hanging in their home.  I hope you enjoy coloring it, and don’t forget to share it and tag #3girlsdoodle.


First video!

I received my Get To Work Book a few days ago and I headed off  to my favorite store to get some supplies for decorating it. Watch the video to see what I brought home, and get a peek of what I’m currently working on.

Bear with me as I was a bit nervous recording my first vlog, and unfortunately, the lighting isn’t great since the sun goes down so early these days!


In the last month, I have had the pleasure of working on a collaborative project with Liliana Taboas, of Liliana Beatriz Artworks, and Lauren Foley, of Wool Pickle. Our intention is to publish a free coloring page each month, that will be available for a limited time. Being part of this collaboration has given me the opportunity to share my artwork with friends, family, and even reach new people, and to explore topics and techniques that I may have not otherwise pursued. I hope you will join me in coloring this month’s free pages, and post your progress in the Facebook group 3 Girls Doodle. If sharing on social media, please include the hashtag #3girlsdoodle, so it can be included on this tagboard:tagboard

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Coloring Page Freebie!

Sketching these windows was so much fun, I thought it would be just as fun to color them in. Think of all the stained glass opportunities!

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Windows Coloring Page by Robyn McKeown

New Mug Designs

Last week I posted about the cup and saucers I decorated and listed on Etsy. The red set is on it’s way to Texas! The black set is still available here.


I picked up a few more mugs, in 12 oz. and 8 oz. sizes.  After compiling some images on Pinterest for inspiration, I drew a mock-up of possible future designs. I’d love your input about which designs you like best, and what size mug YOU like to drink out of.  Once the designs are chosen, I’ll decorate the mugs and they’ll be listed for sale.

new cups

Scratch Paper
Testing colors and patterns.