April Coloring Page

Crystals Coloring Page

I’ve been back in Germany for a week, after being in the United States to visit friends and family for about a month. Not sure where the inspiration comes from for this coloring page, but I do have a rock-loving 8-year old, so there are plenty of crystals around the house. We’ve also had the pleasure of visiting Idar-Oberstein, home of a precious-stone mine, (among other interesting things) where we took a tour and learned the grueling process of extracting the stones from the cave.



Download this month’s coloring page, and post your completed pages to the 3 Girls Doodle Group on Facebook. Don’t forget to tag #3girlsdoodle when sharing to social media!

Crystals by Robyn McKeown 2016



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Robyn is a designer that is attracted to bold colors, mid-century modern furniture, tried-and-true classics, and is not afraid to try something new.

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