Hand-painted Mugs



Last night and today I worked on putting my own design on cups and saucers.  After painting them, they went in the oven to harden the paint, and allow them to be dishwasher safe. I did test the dishwasher, and the design stays put. I would still recommend hand-washing to prolong the life of the design.

I also opened an Etsy shop and posted these sets for sale. Local delivery can be arranged if you are in the Kaiserslautern area.

red set
Available on Etsy

Edited Red Mug - aboveBWcloseup

Mug Designs

I picked up some sweet cups and saucers with the intention of putting designs on them with porcelain pens.  Here are a couple of the designs I’m playing with. Once completed these mug sets will be available for purchase. Which do you prefer? What color would you like to see the design in? Black, red, yellow, green, or blue?


An introduction to my recent artwork

Since this website is new, I’d like to add some of my recent artwork without doing a bunch of posts. In the last year I’ve fulfilled several requests for custom home portraits, after receiving positive feedback from the illustration of my own home (seen below).  If you’d like to see more of my artwork, please head over to my Facebook page.

house color-pinterest
My House, illustration by Robyn McKeown, 2015

Copenhagen City Hall

I just finished up this beautiful building for a friend, because it has special meaning to her. Here’s what Miriam says:

During our assignment to the U.S. Embassy, Denmark, we were married at the Copenhagen city hall. The ceremony was short, but held in a small room with beautiful wedding-themed murals. We received an illustrated booklet with historic information about the room itself but not a picture of the building. Robyn’s work will be a great addition and welcome reminder of the place where we founded our family.

Thanks, Miriam! It was my honor to memorialize this important event for you.

Copenhagen City Hall, Denmark Wikipedia

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